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Archives of the College of Veterinary Medicine

"As trusted representatives of science, it is expected of us that we fortify ourselves with the ore of the past and strike out with clear vision, steady foot and strong hand for future achievement."
James Law, First Dean of the College - Inaugural Address, September 24, 1896

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Here you will find the mission, history, locations and information about the collections.

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The richness of our collections depends upon the contributions from faculty, staff, alumni, and interested community members.

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Links to the history of the college, library, and veterinary medicine as well as to other archival collections are here.

Collection: An Enduring Veterinary Legacy
Veterinary medicine's rich and enduring legacy comes alive in these accounts of veterinarians who promoted and advanced animal health during the early decades of the 20th century. In interviews with Cornell alumni or their closest surviving family members, Donald F. Smith, dean emeritus of the College of Veterinary Medicine, captures fascinating accounts of the personal and professional lives of pioneering veterinary practitioners, industry leaders, and animal health experts.

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