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Cornell Companions - How to Join

The way to become a volunteer:

  • Attend Cornell Companions training sessions, normally held in the Fall. Training sessions are for our human volunteers. Discussion about the human-animal bond, learning about some of the challenges faced by the people with whom we visit, strategies for visiting, becoming familiar with the facilities we visit.
  •  Attend a "screening session" with your pet so that we can place you in a facility that matches your pet's activity level. You and your pet will be assessed for your animal's temperament, activity level and "personality" to ensure a good "fit" for visiting one of our facilities. We also have you fill out a questionnaire about your animal's social and medical history. Your animal must have a current rabies certificate and provide documentation of a recent annual physical exam for your pet.
  • Please email our director, Helen Griffiths, in order to be notified about our next training session.

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