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Cornell Feline Health Center

Supporting Cat Health with Information and Health Studies.

Helping Cats Through Support of Shelter Medicine

Dr. Lena DeTar will be joining Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine's Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine program thanks to a recent bequest given to the Cornell Feline Health Center.

Here at the Cornell Feline Heath Center, we strive to help all cats through a variety of activities, including the education of tomorrow’s veterinary professionals and the support of clinical programs that provide medical and behavioral care to owned and unowned cats.

Recently, the kind bequest of Ms. June Lanciani allowed us to provide the kind of support that helps us achieve both of these lofty goals. Thanks to Ms. Lanciani’s generosity, we were able to support the recruitment of a new faculty member in the College’s renowned Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine program. Dr. Lena DeTar will be joining this wonderful team, and will be intimately involved in educating veterinary and veterinary technician students about optimal shelter medicine practices while providing veterinary care for the many cats, dogs, and other animals at humane shelters in Central New York.

This is another example of how the thoughtful support of our donors is making a real difference in the lives of countless cats throughout the world.

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