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Annual Reports

The BBS student annual reporting process provides a framework for constructive discussion of a student's progress toward his or her degree. Students will participate in self-evaluation, and faculty mentors will provide students with a written evaluation of their progress and performance. 

Starting in 2013, the online annual report needs to completed by all BBS PhD students before July 1 of their second year and every year after. Students are responsible for setting up their committee meetings. If a student fails to meet this requirement a registration unit may not be awarded for the spring semester.

Please contact your DGS or the Office of Graduate Education if you are unable to fulfill this requirement. These forms will be placed in your permanent student file as evidence of progress in your program.

The annual report will serve three major purposes:

  1. Empower students to become more proactive in guiding their progress toward the PhD, advancement as a scientist, and advancing their career goals.
  2. Provide a forum for regular feedback so that strengths and accomplishments can be recognized and areas that need strengthening can be reviewed.
  3. Assess learning goals and objectives of the BBS graduate program. 


There are a total of three forms that will be submitted. An online form by the student, an online form by the special committee chair (mentor), and a paper form to be completed by field appointed member or minor member during the actual annual committee meeting.

Step 1: Student sets their annual committee meeting.

Step 2: Student completes the online Student Annual Report two weeks prior to their annual committee meeting. Those who wish to have a draft form of their annual report to discuss with their mentor may click here for Word format. Once submitted online the Office of Graduate Education will share this report with all special committee members via email.

Step 3: Faculty Mentor completes the Mentor Annual Report which will be shared with special committee members.

Step 4: Field Appointed Members complete one of the following forms at the annual meeting: 

  1. Special Committee form for students in their 2nd or 3rd year: (PDF | DOC
  2. Special Committee form for students in their 4th year and beyond: (PDF | DOC)

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