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Lymphoma: Creating a Tissue Bank


Progress has been slow to improve therapies and outcomes for dogs diagnosed with a very common tumor - lymphoma. To accelerate our understanding of this cancer in dogs and identify novel treatments to improve survival, we are collecting a sample of lymph node tissue from dogs diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma that have not yet begun therapy for their cancer. The tissue collected will be used to identify ways to improve disease detection, prognosis, and treatment options for dogs with lymphoma. The project is part of the Cornell Lymphoma Program and involves researchers across the Cornell Ithaca campus and at Weill Cornell in New York City. This study is also being performs at the Cornell University Veterinary Specialists in Stamford, CT.

ELIGIBILITY: Dogs recently diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma who have not yet begun any form of therapy and have swollen peripheral lymph nodes. Due to the varying lymphoma subtypes a diagnosis must be made by cytology from a peripheral lymph node aspirate with an accompanied pathology report prior to enrollment. Dogs must also be feeling well enough to undergo anesthesia.

COMPENSATION: The study is fully funded and covers the cost of the anesthesia and lymph node removal as well as the initial visit(s) required for completion of staging of the disease (diagnostic tests to determine the extent and type of lymphoma in your dog's body, including bone marrow aspirate, histopathologic examination, blood work, ultrasound, and x-rays.) Owners are responsible for the cost of any subsequent visits and therapy as well as any tests or procedures related to patient care.

OWNER RESPONSIBILITIES: Your only commitment is to bring your dog for his/her initial evaluation, diagnostic tests, and lymph node removal. We would also like to contact you and/or your veterinarian in the future to obtain follow-up information about your dog. Total expectation for hospitalization for diagnostic tests and surgery is two days.

CONTACT/SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: Please call the clinical trials coordinator or any member of the oncology team at 607.253.3060, or email

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