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Testing a New Device to Monitor Pain and Activity Indices for Dogs with Osteoarthritis


Dogs historically have the ability to hide pain and even owners may have a difficult time in determining how their dog is feeling. As clinicians we want to be know how effective our treatments are for controlling pain compared to your perceptions as an owner. Subtle changes such as a decrease in activity or an increase in heart and respiratory rates may indicate that a dog is painful, however, this is difficult to monitor at home. By utilizing an electronic monitoring collar to track those levels, we hope to be able to determine if there is a difference in your dog’s pain response before and after he/she is given an oral pain medication. 

ELIGIBILITY: Dogs 2 years of age or older who weigh more than 30 pounds are eligible. Dogs must be diagnosed with osteoarthritis and cannot currently be treated with NSAID, morphine derived pain medications, or steroids.

COMPENSATION: Examinations, routine blood work, radiographs, and all study medications are covered by the sponsor.

OWNER RESPONSIBILITIES: Owners are responsible for the cost of the initial examination to determine eligibility. Owners must charge the monitoring collars when necessary and keep the collar on the dog for five weeks. Owners must be willing to give a pain medication by mouth at home and dogs will return to the hospital at two and four weeks after beginning the pain medication for recheck examinations and blood work. Pain scores will be filled out by owners all visits.

CONTACT/SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: Please call the clinical trials coordinator at 607.253.3060, or email

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