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Using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections for Treating Knee Arthritis in Dogs


Platelets are small blood cells that contain protective growth factors. We believe that injection of platelets into a joint with arthritis will help pain and improve the arthritis. In this study, we will obtain platelet-rich plasma (PRP - a concentrated source of platelets) from the blood of a dog with arthritis of the knee and inject it into one knee of the dog.

ELIGIBILITY:  Dogs should be at least 30 pounds and have long-standing (greater than 6 months) arthritis of one knee, but still be able to walk. Those that have or are developing arthritis from a repaired ligament tears may be eligible as long as only one knee is affected with arthritis. Dogs with both affected knees, lameness due to other conditions (hip dysplasia, spinal disorders), or acute ligament ruptures are not eligible.

COMPENSATION: The study pays for advanced gait analysis and for preparation and administration of the PRP injection (including sedation). Owners will pay for the initial examination to determine eligibility and any imaging procedures that may be necessary.

OWNER RESPONSIBILITIES: Eligible dogs will require sedation for joint injection of PRP. Once the animal is awake, they can be picked up by the owner. Two recheck visits will be required at 6 and 12 weeks post injection and will only involve an examination and gait data analysis. Pain scores will be filled out by owners at the initial visit as well as the rechecks.

CONTACT/SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: For more information contact the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation department at 607.253.3060 or email the clinical trials coordinator at

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