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Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists


Careers and Internships


CRES offers three (3), one year internship positions for recently graduated veterinarians wishing to pursue additional training under the guidance of equine specialists. The internship is hospital based where each intern rotates through various clinical services including an after hours/emergency service. Our caseload is a mix of Thoroughbred and Standardbred racehorses, Sport horses of various disciplines, and pleasure horses.

Interns participate in a hands-on program. We pride ourselves on an active teaching and learning process for our interns through case rounds, hospital rounds, collaborative interactive seminars with the faculty in Ithaca, and journal club. 

Interns have the opportunity to participate in a clinical research project with a view to submit one manuscript for publication. 

Applications open in February each year and run June to June. Many of our graduating interns have applied to our program after a first internship program to improve their competitiveness for advanced training programs. We welcome both new graduates and veterinarians who have already completed a first internship. 

We are incredibly proud of our current and past interns as several have gone on to pursue specialty clinical training (residency) and research (PhD programs).


As part of the College of Veterinary Medicine, the Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists’ (CRES) Hospital provides state-of-the-art surgical, imaging, diagnostic, and rehabilitation services to enhance equine health. The hospital is across the street from Belmont Park, the world’s premier Thoroughbred horse-racing facility. At the CRES, veterinarians aspire to assimilate knowledge gained on all fronts – at the track, in the show ring, at the research bench, and in the hospital – to deliver paradigm-shifting veterinary medical care. To learn about current career opportunities at CRES, please visit You can also contact the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine's Office of Human Resources by email.

Rewards & Benefits - What’s in it for you?

  • Competitive compensation, with annual increases; health insurance, and a retirement plan with generous employer contribution
  • Generous paid leave provisions: 3 weeks of vacation, 12 holidays (including end of year winter break through New Year’s Day)
  • Impressive educational benefits, including: tuition-free Extramural Study and Employee Degree Program, Tuition Aid for external education, Cornell Children’s Tuition Assistance program
  • A rich array of services, programs and benefits to help employees advance in their career and enhance the quality of personal life, including: employee wellness, workshops, childcare and adoption assistance, parental leave, flexible work options. For more information, visit


Goals of the Externship:
We offer an externship program to veterinary students that  broadens their exposure to specialized equine surgery, medicine and critical care, lameness, and advanced imaging. As a private clinic the amount of actual "hands on" experience is limited. However, there is considerable information to be gained by observation and exposure to a heavy caseload. Clinicians, interns, and technicians make every effort to explain hospital cases and procedures whenever time permits. Externs have the opportunity to observe equine specialists in surgery, anesthesiology, internal medicine and critical care, sports medicine and poor performance, regenerative medicine, ophthalmology, and acute rehabilitation.

Externship Responsibilities:
Accompany clinicians and technicians on rounds, during clinical assessment, medical or surgical treatments, and postoperative care of horses. Assistance in daily treatments, emergency admissions, imaging, and case monitoring will be expected. Areas of interest will be discussed with the extern and we will attempt to accommodate an emphasis in specific clinical domains.

Estimated Workload:
Responsibilities are moderate. This is a seasonally busy hospital; externs will learn as much or as little as the time they devote to their externship.

Other Information:
Maximum stay of two weeks; no minimum stay. It is the responsibility of the extern to find transportation and accommodation.

Maximum Number of Externs: 2

Completed 3 semesters of veterinary school

Variable, but many blocks fill up to a year in advance

All extern applicants will be charged a non-refundable processing and application fee once a visit is approved. Applicants are responsible for all personal arrangements and expenses associated with their visits . It is important for extern applicants to contact Ms. Pilar Thompson ( about specific applicable weekly fees. 

Insurance Requirements:
AVMA-PLIT liability insurance

Internship Available:

Application Process: 
To request an opportunity block externship rotation (for grade) DVM students should apply with resume and requested dates to Ms. Pilar Thompson ( 

Volunteer Program

Goals of Program:

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