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Faculty by Discipline

Ambulatory and Production Medicine

Rodrigo Bicalho, Associate Professor
Franco Leal, Clinical Instructor
Sabine Mann, Assistant Professor
Jessica McArt, Assistant Professor and Section Chief 
Blake Nguyen, Lecturer, Director of the Teaching Dairy Barn
Daryl Nydam, Professor, Director of Quality Milk Production Services 
Mary Smith, Professor

Veterinary Diagnostics

Executive Director

Francois Elvinger, Professor, Executive Director of the Animal Health Diagnostic Center, Associate Dean for Diagnostic Operations and Government Relations  

Avian Disease

Gavin Hitchener, Extension Associate, Director of the Duck Lab
Jarra Jagne, Senior Extension Associate

Bacteriology and Mycology

Anil Thachil, Senior Extension Associate, Director of Clinical Bacteriology

Clinical Pathology

Julie Allen, Assistant Clinical Professor
Erica Behling-Kelly, Associate Professor, Director of Clinical Pathology
Tracy Stokol, Professor
Ashleigh Newman, Assistant Clinical Professor

Comparative Coagulation

Marjory Brooks, Senior Research Associate, Director of Comparative Coagulation


Ned Place, Associate Professor, Director of Endocrinology
Jorge Adarraga, Extension Associate
Jeri-Lyn Cheraskin, Extension Associate
Barbara Schanbacher, Extension Associate  

Molecular Diagnostics

Amy Glaser, Senior Extension Associate, Director of Molecular Diagnostics
Laura Goodman, Assistant Research Professor


Mani Lejeune, Senior Extension Associate, Director of Clinical Parasitology

Quality Milk Production Services

Gloria Gioia, Research Associate
Paolo Moroni, Senior Extension Associate
Daryl Nydam, Professor, Director of Quality Milk Production Services
Paula Ospina, Extension Associate
Carlos Santisteban, Extension Associate
Anja Sipka, Research Associate
Paul Virkler, Senior Extension Associate
Rick Watters, Senior Extension Associate
Frank Welcome, Senior Extension Associate
Matthias Wieland, Extension Associate
Michael Zurakowski, Senior Extension Associate

Rabies Program

Laura Bigler, Extension Associate


Korana Stipetic, Extension Associate, Director of Receiving
Jorge Adarraga, Extension Associate

Serology and Immunology

Bettina Wagner, Professor, Chair, Director of Serology and Immunology
Cassandra Guarino, Extension Associate


Karyn Bischoff, Senior Extension Associate, Director of Toxicology

Veterinary Support Services

Elisha Frye, Extension Associate
Erin Goodrich, Senior Extension Associate, Associate Director of VSS
Linda Mittel, Senior Extension Associate
Belinda Thompson, Assistant Clinical Professor, Director of VSS
Toby Pinn-Woodcock, Extension Associate


Edward Dubovi, Professor, Director of Virology
Randy Renshaw, Research Associate

Wildlife Health

Elizabeth Bunting, Senior Extension Associate
Maria Forzan, Senior Research Associate
Krysten Schuler, Senior Extension Associate

Infectious Diseases

Craig Altier, Professor
Yung-Fu Chang, Professor
Michael Stanhope, Professor

Shelter Medicine

Elizabeth Berliner, Assistant Clinical Professor
Lena DeTar, Assistant Clinical Professor
M. Erin Henry, Instructor


Kevin Cummings, Associate Professor
Yrjo Grohn, Professor
Renata Ivanek, Associate Professor
Hussni Mohammed, Professor

Public Health and International Programs

Kevin Cummings, Associate Professor
Katie Fiorella, Lecturer
Karyn Havas, Lecturer
Genevive Meredith, Lecturer
Amelia Greiner Safi, Lecturer
Isaac Weisfuse, Adjunct Professor
Caroline Yancey, Lecturer

Wildlife Health and Health Policy

Elizabeth Bunting, Senior Extension Associate
Martin Gilbert, Senior Research Associate
Steve Osofsky, Professor
Montira Pongsiri, Senior Research Associate
Krysten Schuler, Senior Extension Associate


Janine Brown, Adjunct Associate Professor
Elizabeth Buckles, Adjunct Associate Professor
Gerald Duhamel, Adjunct Professor
Wolfgang Heuwieser, Adjunct Professor
Sean McDonough, Adjunct Associate Professor
Lila Miller, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Scott Palmer, Adjunct Professor
Jeanine Peters-Kennedy, Adjunct Associate Professor
Joe Regenstein, Adjunct Professor 
Michael Reichel, Adjunct Professor
Teresa Southard, Adjunct Associate Professor
Isaac Weisfuse, Adjunct Professor
Sera Young, Adjunct Assistant Professor


Hollis Erb, Epidemiology
Jack Henion, Diagnostic Laboratory
Richard Jacobson, Diagnostic Laboratory
Patrick McDonough, Bacteriology
Janet Scarlett, Shelter Medicine
Ynte Schukken, Epidemiology
Sang Shin, Diagnostic Laboratory
Alfonso Torres, Associate Dean for Public Policy
Maurice White, Ambulatory

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